Accredited Marine Surveyors, with experience and qualifications

Control System Survey


The intention of this brochure is to provide a guide about the activities and services that the company provides, it´s objectives and projects.

After a long period in the exercise of the surveying profession, we establish ourselves independent without personal compromises with other companies or professionals, as inspectval.

Since 1 january 2006 we have been developing this new challenge with the objectives of complying to the compromises adquired with our customers, overall to provide the best of our knowledge with damage surveyor with the maximum responsibility, honesty, imparciallity and efficiency.

The continuous increase in the maritime and overland movement, despite very high human and mechanical tecnical levels existing nowadays in ports and others, generate higher sinister, incidence and damage risks, therefore proportionally controls, surveys and certifications are required.
It is more often required the assistance of qualified, independent and certified cargo and marine surveyors.

We are willing to be capable to attend all your necessities and requirements the more professionally that we are able of.


Marine Surveyors, Comisarios Averías de Valencia
Marine Surveyors, Comisarios Averías de Valencia

Marine Surveyors, Comisarios Averías de Valencia



A) Provide a dinamyc inspection, control and surveying system.

B) Achieve the best possible revenues in information transmission that will favour the understanding and procedures to our customers, with the necessary technical and electronical support.

C) 24 hours service, 365 days per year provide a complete attention to requirements, for this purposes 2 phone lines are available.

D) Cover a wide geographical range in the spanish east (levante) and eventually other areas or countries.

E) International standards and regulations and other eventual criterias application for every specifical survey.

We are conscious about the responsibility, imparciality and objectivity that requires our profession, resulting therefore our basical objective, and prove we deserve the confidence of our customers.